Dental Clinic Cleaning Procedure

When selecting a dental clinic, the very first thing that you must pay attention is the cleanliness of the area. Each dental clinic needs to be maintained sterile and hygienic. In order to do this, the cleaning and sterilization practices must adhere to very strict rules and regulations. This describes the manner in which the disinfecting and sterilizing operation at Rosewood dental clinic is carried out when a patient visits the clinic in order to help you maintain the highest level of dental hygiene.

We first wash and clean our dental chair sink using hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic (a chemical which prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms). During our sterilization process, we also ensure that a proper drainage of water supply and waste water is maintained. We then sweep the dental clinic floor to make sure that no dust particles and debris leave in the area, followed by mobbing the floor of our dental clinic using 70% alcohol. In fact, our working area and sterilization area are maintained separately at a distance, to ensure the minimal level of contamination.

Next step in our cleaning procedure is the arrangement of dental chairs as shown in the video. Rosewood dental chairs have effective standard cleaning and frequent, thorough disinfection operations. To guarantee a hygienic dentistry, our complete sterilizing method is kept up to the highest global standards of cleanliness. It works well against pathogens like bacteria and viruses, even the new coronavirus Covid 19. We always assure that all patients at Rosewood feel the fullest confidence and feel at home whenever receiving care at Rosewood Dental Clinic. The entire dentist chair and its surroundings including the dental chair tables are cleaned and sanitized after each patient. The cleaning process we adhere at Rosewood Dental Clinic focuses on harmful infectious agents, such as the recent coronavirus Covid 19. Throughout the dental therapy, hygiene for patients is ensured by a thorough disinfection process of the adjacent areas. Saliva contains a variety of infections, particularly the new coronavirus Covid 19, and this is the main reason why we ensure that we thoroughly disinfect. Furthermore, Rosewood Dentistry use high suction devices as appropriate, in order to reduce the splatter in specific procedures.

After that, all utilized platters and utensils are washed with a disinfectant called Medaprotect, and any residual saliva, blood, and contaminants are brushed off.  After that, utensils are put into single-use sterilizing containers. As the next step, we insert these into the autoclaving machine, a device that uses pressured heat from steam to destroy spores, germs, and pathogens. The temperature of the autoclaving machine is set to 1210C.

Finally, the dental tray is prepared by placing all the required instruments and utensils needed for the dental surgery and the tray is then fully wrapped using polythene sheets. This prevents contamination of the sterilized dental utensils with microorganisms and other infectious agents. Moreover, the instrument and utensil arrangement for each patient are always placed in a narrowed down space in the working area to minimize contamination. Finally, the dental chair, tables, instruments and utensils are ready to be used and right in the proper place.